7 Little-Known LinkedIn Analytics Tools For Your Business

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Used by millions of professionals and organizations, LinkedIn allows us to connect to the trends in the business world. LinkedIn is a well built social networking platform, with more than 562 million users in 200 countries around the world. You can strongly develop your business by publishing press releases, thought leadership articles, and other news items on your company website.

A LinkedIn analytics tool helps you evaluate how your campaigns work and will give you valuable insights into how you can enhance the efficiency of your social media. However, it is important to monitor your LinkedIn analytics to achieve the goal. We have mentioned several other LinkedIn tools that will help you to track and control your social media strategy and to achieve your goals on LinkedIn. Use these tools to improve your LinkedIn strategy and to ensure you increase your conversion rates and maximize your ROI.

Top LinkedIn Analytics Tool For Every Budget

  1. SocialPilot is a comprehensive LinkedIn analytics tool to evaluate and report the marketing strategies on LinkedIn in depth
  2. Unmetric a LinkedIn analytics tool that helps with an overview of the statistics on your page
  3. Socialinsider LinkedIn analytics tool, provides specialized analytical and benchmarking skills.
  4. Rank Ranger is a pretty basic LinkedIn analytics tool that allows you to track your marketing campaigns.
  5. Klipfolio is a LinkedIn analytics platform that is a modern cloud data analytics tool
  6. Whatagraph is a user-friendly LinkedIn analytics tool featuring clean graphics and intelligent buttons
  7. DrumUp is a LinkedIn analytics tool that is used to assess the progress of your social marketing campaigns

1. SocialPilot

$30 per month

Well, there is a reason SocialPilot is first on the list and not just one but many reasons. SocialPilot is a perfect tool to evaluate in-depth marketing activities for LinkedIn. This LinkedIn analytics tool provides a variety of features to improve your LinkedIn presence. You can see your page in detail and examine your development over the weeks. You can also easily review your population numbers, track post notifications and calculate your company’s dedication to this website. All information is accessible in uncompromising dashboards for reporting and can easily be personalized and shared with other team members. You can study your LinkedIn followers using SocialPilot tool demographics, which lets you display the seniority of your followers, the size of their business, their country and their category of a profession. The Post-Performance Analyzer function allows you to track, evaluate, and even reshare your most engaging content from the same page, all your LinkedIn posts in one section.

Attributes of SocialPilot:

  1. It is consistent with your LinkedIn social performance analysis, tracking, and reporting.
  2. It measures your social media ROI with in-depth social media analytics.
  3. Managing team members with collaborative features to manage multiple accounts together.
  4. Managing multiple clients’ social accounts effortlessly.
  5. It helps in uploading 500 posts in one go with bulk scheduling.
  6. It never runs out of new content ideas with the content curation feature.
  7. It helps at visualizing your content strategy with the social media content calendar and then analyzes it.
  8. It also focuses on scheduling & publishing customized posts for your LinkedIn accounts.

Advantages of Using SocialPilot as your LinkedIn Analytics Tool:

  1. The analytical function in SocialPilot is very strong since the content analyzed by this tool is not only posts from the network but also other sources, accounts, and pages.
  2. Identify engagement and public trends, check the posts that have been popular, the best times when posts are published and much more in the detailed analytical reports of SocialPilot. Plus share more information about SocialPilot white labeling solutions exchanged and downloaded branded PDF reports!
  3. It helps you boost the experience of your brand on LinkedIn with posting native product videos, carousel posts and multiple photos, GIFs, infographics and more. The publishing feature of SocialPilot’s allows you to upload photos from your dropbox and Google drive.

What our end users think about SocialPilot :

2. Unmetric

$300 per month

Unmetric is an information technology, brand-based social media intelligence tool that allows businesses to gather accurate social media information to enhance their social efficiency. You can evaluate the social media success of your company on LinkedIn with a variety of features and take better marketing choices with the help of this LinkedIn analytics tool.

Advantages of Unmetric:

  1. It helps you download analytics reports on your LinkedIn performance with insightful charts and graphs.
  2. It sets a benchmark against your industry competitors to see where you stand in competition with your rivals using Unmetric’s Share of Voice.
  3. It focuses on monitoring your brand’s showcase pages.

Disadvantages of Unmetric:

  1. There is a lack of a wide database which can be a huge drawback for LinkedIn.
  2. Sometimes this tool stops working in the middle and everything has to be done again.

3. Socialinsider

$49 per month

Socialinsider helps your LinkedIn by testing its efficiency and monitoring all KPIs, you can easily update your company page with this LinkedIn analytics tool.

One of the main features of LinkedIn’s social insider research tool is that it provides you with every tool available to evaluate and develop your content strategy. Clicks, observations, shares, and feedback of each post you get can be looked at more closely. Socialinsider is a tool for evaluating LinkedIn targeted at digital marketing firms, advertisers and teams, which allows their users to capture their competitive social media and to gain insights into their social media strategies.

Advantages of Socialinsider:

  1. This LinkedIn Analytics tool will help in multiple-profile comparison.
  2. It allows you to download posts as CSV.

4. Rank Ranger

$69 per month

Rank Ranger is a LinkedIn analytics tool that provides key performance indicator reports with top-line company metrics including demographics, growth, reach and commitments to the audience. With the demographics gathered by the tool for gaining insights into your current business market segment, you can expand your market scope. Rank Ranger compiles demographic follower data that will help you gain insight into your LinkedIn property’s current customer segments. Succeeding marketers use business intelligence to extend their customer reach through the population, age, industry, and position.

Advantages of Rank Rager:

  1. It focuses on monitoring your posts and your performance.
  2. It helps you amplify your market reach with detailed audience demographics reporting.

Disadvantages of Rank Rager:

  1. Their backlink analysis is poor.
  2. They lack customized reporting.

5. Klipfolio

$49 per month

Klipfolio is an online dashboard tool, and is used for the development of powerful business dashboards by major companies such as IKEA and the American Red Cross. You can show the number of shares and interactions obtained by your LinkedIn page at the monthly end, compare it with the previous month. Their LinkedIn dashboard comes with pre-creased ‘Klips’ LinkedIn. You can distinguish the population of your audience through seniority, industry, occupation, region, and mobile footprint using Klipfolio.

Advantages of Klipfolio:

  1. One of the key features to differentiate them in the crowd is that all the dashboards are black and look incredibly professional.
  2. It helps in visualizing valuable data with insightful diagrams, charts, and graphs.
  3. It lets you access detailed audience demographics.

Disadvantages of Klipfolio:

  1. It can be a little complicated to create a new customer for a dashboard.
  2. There is a lack of color themes that is they just have only light/dark.

6. Whatagraph

$99 per month

Whatagraph is a LinkedIn analytics tool that includes a range of resources that promote coverage. The tool automates data collection so that visual models can be customized and digestible reports created. The report offers a comprehensive overview of top-class metrics and website results combined with stunning graphics on your company page. This tool has pre-defined templates that can also be used to indicate certain data and highlight growth during a certain time.

Advantages of Whatagraph:

  1. It allows you to download PDF analytics reports that indeed help you save your data.
  2. This LinkedIn Analytics tool has customizable visual templates.

Disadvantages of Whatagraph:

  1. There are just a few existing data sources. There is currently no Zapier integration.
  2. There are instances where the data isn’t pulled correctly.

7. DrumUp

$15 per month

DrumUp is a tool for social media, content management, and workers advocacy. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, growing the time and energy to handle the social media presence significantly. It lets you find and share material on your accounts on social media. DrumUp mines loads of web content in real-time to suggest the newest stories that are most applicable to your audience with sophisticated algorithms.

Advantages of DrumUp:

  1. DrumUp as a LinkedIn analytics tool makes it easy for you to read your LinkedIn followers quickly, build, and publish messages.
  2. Complete, follow, and curate your favorite feed updates with DrumUp.

Disadvantages of DrumUp:

  1. Prices are fairly expensive, whereas basic characteristics are minimal.


LinkedIn is a fantastic social networking platform designed to develop new connections and establish online relationships for professionals and brands. You can evaluate the success of LinkedIn and boost its marketing efforts by analyzing every bit of your LinkedIn account using the above-mentioned tools. The use of LinkedIn analysis tools is important for your success, especially if your competition is overtaken and to keep a track of your efforts.

With this list, you can see what each of the tools does, do a full comparison, select the ones that seem to suit your needs, try them out and make a concrete decision.

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