8 Indispensable Facebook Publishing Tools To Scale Up Your Marketing

As a marketer, one of your key goals is to target the right audience on your social media pages. Thankfully, platforms like Facebook understand this requirement that you need to meet, unfailingly.

That’s why, now, Facebook lets you target your intended audience not just on ads but on posts too. Who gets to see your posted content, and at what time do they see it, everything can be decided by page admins, like you, who are running campaigns using Facebook. It’s easy to run targeted posts using Facebook publishing tools.

The publishing tools section has a lot of important features such as video management, lead generation, and product sales. Some features like ‘Smart publishing’ that Facebook publishing has come up with identifies those links that you frequently share and publishes them on followers’ news feeds.

So, the question is, where are publishing tools on Facebook? Go to the top menu bar and click ‘Publishing tools’. The rest of the process is quite self-explanatory when you hit the button. If you want the details you can check this Facebook Article out.

Now, some of you might not be very happy using only the limited features that Facebook publishing allows. You might be looking for something that streamlines, automates, and helps you get more organized with your publishing. That’s where third-party publishing tools come into the picture.

Third-party publishing and scheduling tools are a rage nowadays with most marketers who run multiple campaigns for a single or for multiple clients. As we all know, to get the most out of social media you need to optimize each aspect of your publishing. That’s why it is always beneficial to use tools that enable you to automate publishing and scheduling. Let’s discuss eight such tools that help you manage your Facebook posting and scheduling better, and in a more organized manner.

8 Facebook publishing tools that ease a marketer’s life

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Buffer
  3. SproutSocial
  4. Dlvr.it
  5. CoSchedule
  6. Post Planner
  7. Mentionlytics
  8. Postfity

1. SocialPilot

$30 for 3 users

Though the tool offers numerous other capabilities, publishing and scheduling is one of the strongest points of SocialPilot. It is a favorite Facebook publishing tool for marketers working with both small and big companies because of the range of features it offers at a very affordable price.

Scheduling and publishing on Facebook becomes super easy and extremely organized with a tool like SocialPilot, which is tailored especially for increasing brand awareness, traffic and reach.

Over a hundred thousand businesses trust in this Facebook tool’s publishing and scheduling capabilities. Not only does it allow you to bulk upload posts and automate scheduling, but also promises interesting capabilities like identifying popular content and publishing it automatically, RSS feed automation etc. Some of the most important features that this social media management tool provides for Facebook publishing are mentioned briefly as follows:

Why use SocialPilot as your Facebook Publishing Tool?

  1. Multiple scheduling options like add to queue, save posts as drafts, share immediately, share in the next time slot and repeat some evergreen posts over a time period.
  2. Calendar view of all posts scheduled to be published on Facebook and other social media platforms
  3. Automated sharing of curated content that SocialPilot discovers using intelligent insights.
  4. Ease of sharing interesting visual content like GIFs, videos, infographics, carousel images, album posts etc. The most interesting one is you can design images on-the spot with Canva integration.
  5. Schedule up to 500 posts on Facebook using the bulk scheduling feature, in one go
  6. Add CTA’s to your Facebook posts and has ability to specify geo-locations for a targeted post reach.
  7. Wait no more for the post to be published and then boost it for more reach, schedule your Facebook boost posts with SocialPilot’ Facebook ads feature.

What SocialPilot’s Users Say

Pros of using SocialPilot

  1. SocialPilot is extremely pocket-friendly and each feature that it offers is a value add for post publishing.
  2. It is the simplest tool around for publishing and scheduling, which will get you the results you’ve been always aiming for. For Susan Daniels, Founder of Beautiful Lives, the tool increased website traffic from zero to 10000!
  3. Not only are the posting and scheduling features really awesome, but so is the support. Neil Patel believes that their app team is great when it comes to fixing bugs. Overall, he says, that the experience of using SocialPilot is great.

2. Buffer

$99 for 3 users

Buffer is one of the most popular tools around for social media marketers. This name cannot be skipped from the list of tools that make publishing and scheduling Facebook posts seem like a walk in the park. The interface is pretty cool and user-friendly.

You can create your content within Buffer, add it to the queue to schedule it for publishing, and custom-tailor your post for different platforms.

Pros of using Buffer

  1. A user-friendly and intuitive platform that even a beginner can start using in no time.
  2. Ability to customize posts as per the requirement of Facebook or any other social media platform, using the tailored posts feature.
  3. Great customer support. You get a reply within seconds if you are stuck with a problem scheduling, posting, or creating content with Buffer.

Cons of using Buffer

  1. Important and intelligent features like content curation that take social media marketing to the next level are missing.
  2. For 25 social media accounts, you can post only about 2000 posts, which is absolutely not enough.
  3. Though on the surface, it looks like a budget-friendly tool, it isn’t. To get the most out of your social media posting you also need to get performance insights. However, these important features are a separate product in Buffer. For these add-ons like Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze you will need to shell out more money.

Check a detailed comparison of the feature-rich alternative to Buffer app — SocialPilot, here.

3. SproutSocial

$149 for 1 user

Once again on the list of Facebook publishing tools, is a very easy to use tool that is widely used for automating the social media posting and publishing process. The focus audience for this platform, however, is Twitter. Of course, you can also run Facebook publishing with ease using Sprout Social about this platform.

The feature set that SproutSocial provides makes it clear that is not solely for social media marketers and managers. It is rather a full-fledged platform that can be used for customer care, employee advocacy, and intelligence management, other than for social media management.

Pros of SproutSocial

  1. If you are running sophisticated Facebook marketing campaigns, where you rely on personalized messaging, SproutSocial can be a wonderful tool. Using their bot you can run Facebook messenger marketing for different clients.
  2. In SproutSocial you can set up an RSS schedule and a Feedly sync, which enables you to post updates directly from your Feedly feed.

Cons of SproutSocial

  1. Managing multiple accounts using SocialSprout inbox is difficult because it isn’t comprehensive. To dig into insights you have to toggle between different social account streams individually.
  2. Sprout Social can be highly expensive for small businesses and digital agencies for the limited set of users and accounts it offers. There are various alternatives to Sprout Social that can help you manage more accounts.

Check in detail how SocialPilot proves out to be a great Sprout Social alternative and a better option as a Facebook publishing tool, here.

4. dlvr.it

$24.88 billed annually

A relatively new name that many of you would be reading for the first time, dlvr.it offers some great features for social media posting. What makes it stand out from most other tools in this list is that it is, out-and-out, a posting tool only. Dlvr.it has capabilities like Facebook post scheduler and Facebook posting software.

Using the Facebook post scheduler you can instantly post new content or queue it to be posted as per your scheduled time and date. The Facebook posting software, on the other hand, has some advanced capabilities like filters, custom text, auto hashtags, etc.

All-in-all, quite a user-friendly tool for those who want to automate their social media publishing for Facebook as well as other platforms.

Pros of using Dlvr.it

  1. The tool has a feature for promoting stories. And, given that Facebook stories are now quite popular, this feature can be made good use of.
  2. You can pay $1 per story for spreading it to different networks, which means, apart from social media networks, your story also gets distributed and displayed on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Cons of using Dlvr

  1. The interface has a lot of scope of improvement. It could have been neater.
  2. Even though you can schedule posts you cannot shuffle or reschedule your posts.
  3. Has a lot of limitations when we talk about Facebook publishing tools compared to other tools in the market.

5. Coschedule

$400 for 3 users

For marketers, Coschedule is like an ‘all-in-one’ platform. However, one of its best features is the scheduling calendar. The tool enables you to organize and manage your editorial calendar for short as well as long durations. Easy integration with Wordpress and Hubspot makes Coschedule a perfect tool for bloggers who wish to automate social media publishing.

Pros of using Coschedule

  1. Using a single dashboard you can schedule content for across multiple social media platforms
  2. It not only eases your content publishing efforts but also adds more value by hinting simple SEO suggestions.
  3. If you miss out on posting as per the schedule, the tool automatically fills in the gap by auto posting your top-performing social content.

Cons of using Coschedule

  1. The tool doesn’t offer integrations with many other tools that make social media marketing more intelligent.
  2. It is a bit expensive and even misses out on some great capabilities like social listening.
  3. The interface is overwhelming and requires proper onboarding for new users

Take a look at the following comparison table to check out a basic comparison between Social Pilot and Coschedule. You will then be able to pick the right tool for your requirement, easily.

6. Post Planner


If you are specifically looking for a tool that manages social posting and publishing for Facebook, Post Planner fits the criteria. The Facebook publishing tool provides three straightforward capabilities — find, plan, and post. The ‘find’ features helps you identify content that has the potential to win you good engagement, and something that your audience will love.

Pros of using Post Planner

  1. The content discovery feature is such a delight. You don’t have to go browsing or searching for content that can work well for your Facebook audience.
  2. Even though it is just a Twitter and Facebook publishing tool, it offers a number of integrations that add more value for marketers who wish to use it.

Cons of using Post Planner

  1. It is certainly not the best tool for companies that are rapidly scaling or growing. You’ll need to integrate it with too many other tools once you need to do more with your social media marketing than just publishing and posting.
  2. Customer support is extremely poor.
  3. It supports only Twitter and Facebook social media platforms.

7. Mentionlytics


As the name suggests, Mentionlytics is a powerful analytics and social media monitoring tool. However, recently, the tool has added a number of publishing capabilities. The Facebook publisher functionality in Mentionlytics allows you to schedule and publish Facebook posts. You get a calendar view of all the scheduled posts for various platforms in a bird eye view from the dashboard.

Pros of Mentionlytics

  1. Having scheduled your post for automated publishing you can pre review your content anytime and make edits.
  2. If you need to reschedule content on your calendar you can do so by using simple drag-and-drop capability.
  3. Social Intelligence capability in Mentionlytics is really useful in understanding user sentiment on social media.

Cons of Mentionlytics

  1. The tool sometimes gives a wide range of results when it comes to insights and monitoring. Some of the results can be absolutely irrelevant.
  2. Takes too much time to load, especially the social mentions feature.

8. Postfity


Just like Post Planner, Postfity is a simple and straightforward social media publishing tool. Using Postfity, you can automate social media publishing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Xing.

The tool offers some intelligent features like a built-in content recommendation engine, which helps you use your most engaging content to catch even more footfall. Additionally, the tool can recommend the right time for your posts to be published. Nonetheless, you can also schedule your posts as per your pre-decided time intervals.

Pros of using Postfity

  1. You can add watermarks to the images or creatives that you are using in your social media content, to secure them.
  2. Postfity’s analytics and reporting is delightfully easy to understand. Moreover, you have full control over how your social media posts are performing when you get complete insights on multiple multiple types of data like clicked links, shares, comments, etc., that you can compare.

Cons of using Postfity

  1. You don’t get to preview how your post will look on a social media channel once posted.
  2. Trying to manage posting and scheduling for multiple accounts, at once, can be a hassle. You have to manually change the time zone for all.

To conclude

There is also a huge list of Facebook tools that can be used by marketers working in agencies or even with enterprises to increase their engagement on the platform. If you are an individual, you can try out free tools like Postfity. However, if you are quickly scaling you will need a tool that intelligently automates Facebook publishing, and provides some other smart features too.

SocialPilot fits your requirement because clearly it is extremely pocket-friendly and offers valuable features like Social Inbox, bulk scheduling, white label solutions, customized scheduling, Facebook ads, and more. You can start your free 14-day trial now!

Originally published at https://www.socialpilot.co.



A data-driven, customer-focused SaaS product marketer (@ SocialPilot) with 12+ years of experience in building & monetizing products from ground-up.

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A data-driven, customer-focused SaaS product marketer (@ SocialPilot) with 12+ years of experience in building & monetizing products from ground-up.