Top 14 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tools

Why do you need a Social Media Analytics Tool?

How can you find a social media analytics tool that is the right fit?

Built-In Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Facebook Insights

Twitter Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Instagram Insights

Youtube Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics

Top Social Media Analytics Tools

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Agorapulse
  3. Google Analytics
  4. ShortStack
  5. Keyhole
  6. HootSuite
  7. Rival IQ
  8. Sendible

1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot has really cool social media analytics & reporting features:

What Users are Saying

2. Agorapul’se

  1. It provides great social media competitor analytics.
  2. It provides insightful community management reports such as response and conversation rates to show how well your customer/community interaction is going
  3. Topic-wise labeling feature allows you to track the analytics of your post, and generate reports easily

3. Google Analytics

  1. It’s free! And that’s pro enough for most of us
  2. It’s universal, meaning it is compatible with multiple digital environments like websites, mobile applications, etc., including Google Ads accounts
  3. Not only can you collect data from multiple sources, you can also create goals and track them through the platform
  4. It gives you custom reports for informed decision making
  1. There’s a lot of learning involved to understand the tool, so if you are pressed for time and not savvy enough, it’s going to get very difficult to use this tool
  2. It’s an eyeful, meaning it has multiple dashboards, matrices etc. which can get overwhelming if you are not sure what you are doing
  3. Yes, while Google Analytics is free, and should serve your need, if you have high-traffic volume, it will require an upgrade to the pro version which is a whopping $150K a year!

4. ShortStack

  1. Designing, launching, monitoring and measuring the contests is extremely easy, even for non-technical people
  2. It has a drag and drop interface to help customize everything ranging from colors, fonts, widgets, etc. to give your visitors the experience that you want
  3. It gives you the ability to embed any analytics tags to track conversions or retargeting tags
  1. ShortStack is a contest platform, so if you are looking for managing social media and getting analytics, it is not for you
  2. The tool offers comprehensive contest analytics, but does not consider entry-fee processing
  3. Using ShortStack does not necessarily increase your profile views or followers

5. Keyhole

  1. Keyhole produces a whole host of reports to keep their clients more informed, which can be downloaded in PDF format
  2. Availability of historical data and influencer management features
  3. Track conversations about your brand across blogs, forums, and news websites
  1. Free and paid versions differ dramatically
  2. You may have to set up trackers beforehand, as adding them after can be tricky business

6. Hootsuite

  1. The platform supports a host of social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. It has an all-one interface that allows you to add different networks you wish to monitor quickly
  1. Reviews have called the auto-scheduling feature as having some bugs. But then again, it is nothing that cannot be fixed
  2. For novice users, the interface can be very overwhelming.
  3. Everything extra will be charged extra. For example, adding additional users to your plan will be extra, more detailed reports will be extra, etc.

7. Rival IQ

  1. RivalIQ puts the competitor and the company on the same platform and derives comparative information from various social media channels
  2. It has a diverse reporting feature consisting of customizable slideshows, pdfs, and can even give end-clients a portal to log into.
  1. The platform’s subscription is tier based, so if you want to add more rival companies, you either have to pay more or swap out from your existing list
  2. Less historical data is available so for long term users, it may get a bit cumbersome to manage
  3. It is not an all-in-one option and may have problems when it comes to ‘social media management and listening’ capabilities.

8. Sendible

  1. It is capable of handling multiple social media accounts and allows you to manage workflows and delegate tasks with ease
  2. Another feature that the platform offers that it helps you generate new leads and measure your ROIs
  1. Frequent glitches and reconnection issues have been reported by users, which is nothing to worry about and can be easily fixed.
  2. It be a little intimidating or confusing to navigate and go around the dashboard.

So what does it eventually boil down to?




A data-driven, customer-focused SaaS product marketer (@ SocialPilot) with 12+ years of experience in building & monetizing products from ground-up.

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A data-driven, customer-focused SaaS product marketer (@ SocialPilot) with 12+ years of experience in building & monetizing products from ground-up.

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